Here are links to other sites that you might find helpful, informative and useful.
Get A Kit -'s page about emergency kits and what you should put in them. Also has a great link to the Emergency Financial First Aid kit.
License # 0F41777
F.I.D.O. - Federation of Insured Dog Owners -  Get a free quote for those hard to insure dogs. This is a sperate policy and only covers the dogs listed on the policy.
Update your plan -  Check out this great resource from CAL Fire about not just being prepared, but protecting you property and loved ones.
DMV Young Drivers Page - CA DMV resources, useful driving tips and great information. Worth a look no matter what age you are!
Fire Protection Tips - Help protect your property from wildfires. If you live near, in or around the foothills or mountians, this is a great site to help you keep a fire at bay.