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Lender and Escrow Info
If you are a Lender or an Escrow company needing to request Proof of Insurance for a customer that has already been provided a quote by us, please make sure that your request for insurance includes the following before you fax or e-mail it to us.  This will speed up your request and allow us to serve you better. 

1. Escrow Company name, complete address, phone number, fax number, e-mail,  escrow number and escrow officers name. If you cannont or do not provide this information, your name and address will be put in as the billing agent. Once done, this cannot be changed. If it will cause problems with underwritting conditions, please provide the correct escrow billing information. 

2. Complete vesting. (i.e. Robert Smith and Lana Smith, Husband and Wife as Joint Tenants. etc. If you are not sure, contact your escrow officer.)

3. Requested binding date.  (Note: Some carriers will require 48 hours to change this date. Please keep us in the loop of any changes to the closing date as soon as possible so the clients funding and closing are not held up at the end.)

4. Complete Lenders Loss Payable Clause with phone number, fax number, e-mail address, loan number and impound info.

While we try to provide an evidence of insurance as quickly as possible, if your request is incomplete or sent to us after 4:30 pm it may not be processed until the next business day depending on our workload. Please send your completed request to 909.474.5851 or e-mail us at eoirequest@teetersinsurance.com


We will provide proof of flood insurance provided the client has completed and signed an application with us. If you need a declarations page prior to funding, flood insurance will have to be paid outside of escrow and escrow will have to be extended to allow for NFIP processing. This could take up to 60 days. Please note that the NFIP Manual states that proof of payment and a signed application are proof of insurance for the flood program, you do not need a declarations page. One will be sent to the lender and policy holders when the policy is processed. Payment can be made through escrow at close if a signed application has been received. Please click here for more info.
Fax 909.474.5851
E-mail: jteeters@teetersinsurance.com

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